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Bossa Nova Guitar

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In this guitar lesson you'll learn how to play a bossa nova guitar pattern.

Bossa nova is a musical style that evolved from Brazilian samba and has a lot of jazz influences.

Famous bossa nova guitarists:

  • João Gilberto
  • Antonio Carlos Jobim

Famous bossa nova songs:

  • The Girl From Ipanema (probably the most famous)
  • Samba de Uma Nota So (One Note Samba)

Guitar plays a very prominent roll in bossa nova and is most often used as accompaniment. The bossa nova patterns played on guitar are very typical and often combine chords with a bass line. Latin guitar is usually played on a nylon-string classical guitar and picked with the fingers.

The chords and the bass line of the guitar have a specific rhythm that is derived from a drum part played in samba music (the tamborim).

The chords played in bossa nova are jazz chords, usually extended chords (9, 11, 13).


Here's the mp3 for the bossa nova guitar pattern we're going to learn. It's not played on a nylon-string, but on my acoustic guitar:


Here's the guitar chord chart, only 4 chords:

Bossa nova guitar chord chart

  • The two middle notes of the C6/9 are played with a little bar of the first finger.
  • The other chords are played with all 4 fingers.

Use the chord chart to position your fingers and use the tab to figure out the rhythm.


Here are the guitar tabs for our bossa nova rhythm. The bass notes are played by the thumb, the rest of the guitar chord is played by fingers 1,2 and 3.


Bossa Nova Guitar


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