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This guitar lesson is an introduction to how to play flamenco guitar. Flamenco is a Spanish art form that involves singing and dancing. Flamenco guitar traditionally has an accompaniment role.

The aim of this lesson is not to teach you traditional flamenco techniques, but to let you get a feel for flamenco by using techniques that you are allready familiar with.

Here's the mp3 for the flamenco piece you'll learn to play. It's not played on a flamenco guitar, but on my acoustic:


Before I show you the guitar tabs, I want to show you the scale that gives this piece its Spanish flavor. It is called the Phrygian scale or Phrygian mode.

Here's the diagram for the E Phrygian guitar scale:

Phrygian Scale


What gives the Phrygian scale its flamenco flavor is the half step between E and F (between the first and the second note), like you can see in this scale diagram (sorry about the illustration, I felt a sudden need to be creative):

Flamenco guitar scale


The chords that are played are basic guitar chords, except for the last 2.

Here's the chord chart:

Flamenco guitar chord chart

  • F/E: this is an F chord with an E in the bass
  • G/E: this is a G chord with an E in the bass


And here are the guitar tabs for this flamenco guitar piece. The single note lines I play with my thumb, the chords I play with my index finger.


Flamenco guitar tabs

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