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Here's our growing list of free guitar lessons for beginning to intermediate players:

  How to play guitar  How To Play Guitar
 An overview of the gear and skills you need
 to learn how to play guitar (in different styles).

  Kurt Cobain  Drop D Tuning
 Try something new, learn one of the easiest
 alternative guitar tunings.

  Kurt Cobain  5 Guitar Tricks and Tips for D Chords
 Some tricks and guitar techniques you can
 use on D chords.

  Flamenco Guitar  How to Play Flamenco Guitar
 In this guitar lesson you'll learn an easy
 flamenco guitar piece...

  Blues Guitar  How to Play Blues Guitar
 Learn the basics of how to play
 blues guitar...

  Bossa Nova Guitar   How to Play Bossa Nova Guitar
 This guitar lesson shows you how to play
 bossa nova on guitar ...

  Guitar Strings  How to String a Guitar
 Learn how to change the strings of your
 guitar correctly.

  Guitar Tuning Keys  How to Tune a Guitar
 Learn how to tune your guitar without
 getting frustrated.

Upcoming tutorials:

  How to choose a guitar
  How to choose a guitar amp
  How to use guitar effects
  How to adjust a guitar