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A Guide To Guitar Chords

Strumming Patterns

A lot of readers ask me for guitar strumming patterns, so here we go. If guitar strumming is new to you, you might want to read the strumming basics tutorial first.

Strumming Pattern 1

First watch the video to get the pattern in your ear:

Now play the strumming pattern yourself, here are the guitar tabs:

Strumming Pattern 1

Some info on how to play this pattern:

  • Use your thumb to play the bass notes and the tip of the nail of your index finger to strum the chord.
  • The guitar chords used are the basic C, Am and Em. If these chords are new to you, you might want to read the basic guitar chords tutorial...
  • The bass pattern (alternating between the 1 and the 5) is a common pattern used often in country music and folk.

I will add more guitar strumming patterns soon, if you wish to be notified when new patterns are added, subscribe to the newsletter...